Strength Intensive

Grow Your Knowledge And Skills For Strength Training For Sports

Learn 3 proven strength training systems and how to do them correctly

How It Works

Plan for a 9-Week Committment

Student-athletes can start at the beginning of each month.

Choose a time slot. Athletes train 3x per week.

Sessions run Monday through Friday from 6:00 – 7:00 PM and Saturdays from 10:00 – 11:00 AM. 

Choose any three days that work for your schedule.

You will train in a small group of 6 to benefit from the energy of a group (and cost savings of a group) while still receiving intensive individualized coaching.

Leave with knowledge and skills you can continue to put to good use.

You will learn what high-quality strength training looks and feels like. You will learn 3 lifting systems by training with each system for 3 weeks each and be given resources to continue to use these systems going forward.


Weeks 1 - 3

In weeks 1 – 3 you will learn and train with the Hi/Lo training system pioneered by track coach legends Dan Pfaff and Boo Schexnayder.

This lifting system alternates days of large muscle mass/multi-joint exercises (these are the “Hi” days) with days of lower intensity supportive lifts (these are the “Lo” days). This system pairs well with speed training in that speed work is done on the same day as and before the large muscle mass lifts.

Sample Hi/Lo Week

Weeks 4 - 6

In weeks 4-6 you will learn and train with the Push/Pull system pioneered by strength coach/scientist Mike Stone and now used by Brad DeWeese with Olympic-level bodsledders.

This lifting system alternates days of “push” lifts (bench press, overhead press/push press/push jerk, squats, lunges) with “pull lifts” (Olympc lifts and their derivates, eccentric hamstring work, rowing, and pull ups).

Sample Push/Pull Week

Weeks 7 - 9

In weeks 7-9 you will learn and train with the Westside Barbell system for sports developed by strength coach Louie Simmons from Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio.

In this lifting system, days of upper body are alternated with leg days. This system concurrently trains maximum strength, power, and muscle size by using heavy days early in the week and dynamic days later in the week, with supportive exercises for muscle size used after the primary lifts each day.

Sample Westside for Sports Week

When your student-athlete career is over, make sure you have peace of mind knowing you did your best...and have skills for life.